The Basic Golf Instructions and Rules for Beginners

playing golfGolf seems to be a complicated game, yet a royal game for beginners. The many rules, the different clubs, and the terminologies are a bit confusing. And then the lingo: Bogeys, birdies, bump-and-runs: It is the language golfers speak every day. Nonetheless, we are aware of the potential scare these golf words cause to the prospective golfers before they even decide on which club to join. Here are some of the basic golf rules of etiquette that will guide you on your first round of golf.

1. Equipment

Both rules and etiquette involve taking the right equipment to the golf course. The rule allows a 14 clubs limit in each golfer’s bag. However, there is no limitation on the minimum number of clubs you can have; nonetheless, borrowing clubs at the golf course is considered unprofessional. But, under some circumstances, it is permissible to borrow clubs during a round. It is however against the rules in most cases.

2. Make a Tee Time

Golf ball on courseTee time is the particular time and the number of rounds you want to play. For the number of golf rounds you play, it is necessary to have a tee time. It is important to call the golf course a day before to get a tee time.

3. Dress the Part

There are specific dress codes for every golf course. At the course you are playing, it is important to find their dress code. Mostly khaki shorts or slacks with a collared golf shirt are the standard dressing code nonetheless it is good to check beforehand.

4. Teeing Off

On the ground when teeing, it is a must to put your ball in between the tee markers, behind them or either even with them. Do not place the ball in front of them. The Tee markers are normally small cones or stones that are colored or something closer to that. A case in point if you are playing from the white tees, use markers with a white painting.

5. Honors

golf greenYou have to note that a player with “honors” is the first to play from the teeing ground. It can be decided randomly on the first tee. The process comprises of play paper, draw straws, and paper-rock-scissors. On ranking tees, a player that has the best score goes first, the second player goes next, and the procedure continues like that to the last player.

6. Don’t move the ball

The most fundamental golf principles that much of the golf rules are based on this principle is “play it as it lies.” It is a very simple rule but critical for all golfers. Never move or touch the ball! No matter the place the ball is where the ball comes to rest, regardless of the ball’s status you must play it as it is.

7. Out of Bounds and Lost Balls

It is important to mark clearly the Out-of-bounds around the golf course. You can use white stakes or white lines. Out of bound penalty is a stroke-plus-distance; meaning, adding one stroke to your score, hit again from where you made your first shot. It is like a punishment it takes time, and that’s a valuable for every golfer.

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