Golf Mental Game Tips and Ideas

playing golf 3Every golfer’s target is to reach a point where they are easily holing putts to win in big events. Practice and good body fitness are not the only things that matter in a golf game. Mental strength/toughness is one primary qualification to been the best golfer. Mental strength is the ability to access your best game in every situation. It’s been able to handle the stress in a competition and at the same time focusing on playing. Players who show excellent performances know how to fine-tune their minds to concentrate on the game

Below are eight tips that will help you improve on your mental strength and prevent mental collapses for golfers;

1. Be decisive, clear and committed to shot

When hitting a ball make sure you picture the result you want in your mind and before you swing, let go of the image and focus on the ball. When hitting a ball try to control your body with your subconscious mind. You must learn to trust your swing and believe that it will work. Don’t attempt to fix a flawed swing but rather forget it and focus on the next swing.

2. Believe in Yourself

Confidence is vital to golf players to perform to their ability and potential. With confidence, you can battle negative thoughts and put more energy into positive actions. Confidence players think of what they want to happen on the golf course while those without confidence think of what they don’t want to happen. Our bodies react to the degree we have developed in our conscious and subconscious minds. Confidence players are never anxious and walk to the course with courage. Confidence players will always play better than their anxious counterparts.

3. Accept the results in advance

golf ballStop thinking of the results while playing. Trying to manage the results will limit you from using the subconscious mind that is required during swinging leading to a poor outcome. Accept the results in advance, trust your swing and let it fly freely. If you are playing poorly, it is advisable to have discipline and focus only on the way you want to play and not the bad swing.

4. Stop evaluating your results and get into process

Don’t be overwhelmed by emotions on either how well your shot was or how bad. Stop thinking if you are going to win or not but rather have a see what happens approach. Set your progress such as; to trust yourself and swing on every shot, not be disturbed by things going on in the course, to trust your instincts, to be committed to every shot and to maintain a constant intensity in every shot and to play great.

5. Visualize where the ball will go before a shot

With clear mental strength, you can picture where you want the ball to go before hitting it, and it will go only there. Don’t let distractions such as water and trees obstruct your shot. If you have already visualized your target, your subconscious mind and instincts will help you find the target through hitting.

6. Learn to love each day’s challenge

playing golfGolf is a game of mistakes, unpredictable fortune, and an inherently imperfect game. Avoid trying to make the game perfect always. You know no one has ever shot 50 successful shots so always accept the games’ outcome. The only way to distinguish yourself from your competitors is striving to improve your game but not perfecting your game. Build a good attitude especially on all your mistakes and learn on how to improve and avoid similar mistakes.

7. Create your pre-zone period

Before coming to the course have a 10-15 minute pre-zone period. During this time have a mental readiness preparation including making a game plan, visualization of the match, and positive thinking. Also, it is important you arrive at the golf course 20 minutes earlier to practice, get organized and gather all the confidence you need for the game.

8. Have someone who believes in you

Having someone who believes and trusts in you, can make you do well in your games. The person can be your spouse, friend or your coach. They are always there for you every time you feel to quit golfing. With their motivation and advice, you can rise to higher positions and do well in leagues and matches.

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