Equipment for Playing Golf

playing golf 2For one to play golf, you require to have all the equipment in order. Several golf courses rent these pieces of equipment at a fee, but there’s a need to buy your gear if you want to invest in golfing sport. If you’ve no experience in golfing, it’s good to do some research first and familiarize yourself with the different kinds of balls and clubs available on the market.

Friends can be useful in helping you learn the ropes in golfing and also in showing you the best equipment on the markets before you buy yours. The most valuable equipment every golfer needs is a golf club and a golf ball. Nonetheless, many golfers carry several golf clubs each for a purpose. They carry other equipment that are discussed below.

1. Golf balls

Golf ball on courseGolf balls are judged according to a piece design of two, three or four, which refers to the amount of layers used to build the ball. Weighty and hard balls are likely to travel further than soft and light balls. However, light balls allow more spins. The four layered-design balls are costly than the other designs but not definitely the best for this game. At the beginning try out all the three models to know which one fits you the best. Dimples are another noticeable feature of a golf ball.

A golf ball depends upon the ball’s dimples to sail effortlessly through the air. For better golf ball aerodynamics, it should have more indentations on its surface. It is necessary for you to have a ball marker when golfing. These are available for sale in pro shops though some golfers choose to use other marking gadgets or silver coins as markers. If you want to take your ball from its position, you will have to mark that place so that you can put back the ball to the right section.

2. Golf Clubs and Tees

When playing golf, you can carry up to 14 clubs to the field with you. Golf clubs are available in three main varieties which include the putters, woods, and irons. When shooting from the tee box, woods are used to make long smooth shots.

golf ball and clubMetals are used on the fairways as they allow for more accuracy. Putters are best used when close to the holes for putting the ball inside since they do not enable the ball to spin through the air too much, thus the ideal club for making scores.

Tees are used to start the ball during the first swing. Whether wood or plastic, this equipment is essential for achieving a good swing during the first trial. This nail-shaped piece of equipment is put into the soil allowing the ball to balance gently on the apex of the tee on the cup part. Tees often break therefore you will need to have several to replace just in case one breaks or sinks into the soil.

3. Golf Bags and Apparel

golf clubWhen going to a golf course, you will need to package your equipment in a golf bag. Golf bags should have many slots or compartments where you will place each piece of equipment in a separate slot and the bag should have a strong strap for easy carrying.

Decent and durable golf bags are available at open shops and dealers. You can also carry other items in a side-bag close to your body such as a ball marker which you may frequently use in the green. It is important to invest in well fitting, golf shoes to avoid injuries and to protect your feet while in the green and to allow for easy walking. Ideal golf shoes have short spikes on the base.

4. Other Golf Equipment

Together with the compulsory golf balls and clubs, golf players also need to carry other extra pieces of equipment such as gloves, towels, tees and balls. Tees are used to lift up the ball when you want a tee-off for a smooth swing from the teeing area.

Gloves are useful to golfers by helping them have a firm grip on the club without squeezing it too hard. Gloves are worn off-hand, for example, a right-handed golfer will wear a glove on the left hand and vice Versa. A towel can be used to clean the balls and the club head. During adverse weather seasons, it’s good to carry an umbrella or any other equipment to protect your body.

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