Developmental History and Milestones in Golf – America

harryFor so many centuries before Europeans migrated to America, golf was already in existence. The Europeans brought the game to America from the Atlantic Ocean. It took time for the game to gain popularity in the United States, but in the late 19th century the sport gained popularity. Golf was thriving in the 1800s, in the UK; the American Golf was still at a standstill. It nonetheless spread out to other parts including the US embracing it. The civil war of the 19 century and political changes made the nation very busy to build on golf and other sports.

Golf in America

The golf history in America dates back in 1657 when the funny scenario of two drunken men were arrested for breaking windows with their clubs hitting balls in Albany, New York. In 1744, there are records to indicate the arrival of golf equipment from Scotland for the Savanna golf club. The history of Savannah Golf Club — which is the oldest American golf club shows that it started in 1794 or 1795. Despite of that, a club in Charleston South Carolina, according to the USGA findings, was established in 1786.

Early Golf Courses

golf historyThe previous golf courses in America were simple constructions. The famous St. Andrew’s golf course in New York was a three hole layout amidst a cow pasture. With the time, that was changed, and well-built 9-hole courses with attractive plans replaced the rougher ones in mid 19th century. Most popular golf courses at that time were in the east, Shinnecock was one of them. Other Golf courses included the new port golf club in Rhode, Hills in New York, and, by the mid-1890s, St. Andrew’s layout was more excellent. At that time golf was already spreading across the continent.

USGA and the rise of Golf in American

The United States Golf Association, commonly known as the USGA, was founded after Charles Macdonald on Dec. 22, 1894. It was originally named the Amateur Golf Association of the United States. In 1895, Macdonald was the first golfer to win the USGA’s first official American Amateur Golf Championship. A day after that, Horace Rawlins won the first U.S. Open for professionals.

Birth of the American PGA and the Golf Today

golf course sand trapThe American Professional Golfers Association abbreviated as PGA, was founded in 1916. Rodman Wanamaker was the catalyst for this association. In 1916 October, the first PGA Championship tournament was held. The tournament had prizes in monetary value and trophies too. Golf has significantly transformed since PGA was founded.

Golf is experiencing a steady momentum and tremendous technological growth from different categories of the population in America. It was looked like a game of the elderly people catching up or on a business trip. That has drastically changed. Major initiatives have seen to the positive momentum with leagues like PGA Junior League making a significant impact in today’s golf. Socially, the impact is very visible. There are different charities on golf, ranging in billions has been given back to the society. The PGA TOUR has seen to it that the society gets some from them as a return to the communities they play with.

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