25 Basic Golf Terms Beginners Need To Know

playing golf 4Golf is a sport played on a large open course. The basics involve hitting the ball with a club and trying to make sure it gets into the hole on the green course. Are you a beginner in playing golf? Understanding fundamental golf terms is necessary even if you are just playing for fun. You will derive more enjoyment from the game if you understand the vocabulary other golfers are using.

Here are the basic golf terms you need to know as a beginner.

1. Bogey – when the number of strokes taken to sink the ball in a hole exceeds the par by one, as in a score of 5 on a par four hole.

2. Par – the number of strokes recommended to be taken to complete a hole, either a three, four or five.

3. Birdie – score of one under par on a hole; one stroke less than par.

4. Eagle– two strokes less than par.playing golf 3

5. Over clubbing – this is using a club that will hit the ball farther than necessary.

6. Ace – term used to refer to when a golfer makes a hole in one hit.

7. Tee – the wooden peg used to hold the ball up for driving. Also refers to the area where playing begins on a particular hole.

8. Caddie – the person involved in carrying the golfer’s bag around the golf course.

9. Approach – the shot taken by a player from the fairway to the green.

10. Cup – also the hole; the round hole on each green.

11. Drive – the used to describe a golfer’s first stroke from the tee box on every hole.

12. Away – refers to the ball that lies farthest from the cup when two or more golfers are playing.

13. Putt – any shot taken by a putter when you are on the green.

14. Fringe – the thin strip of slightly longer grass that separates the surrounding rough from the green.

15. Hacker – a slang term referring to a person who is not very good at golf.

16. Fairway – long stretch involving a neatly maintained grass which runs between the green and the tee box.

17. Fore – warnings that are send by players afraid a hit ball might strike the person on a course.

18. Handicap – a system used to rate the average number of strokes above par a player scores in one round of golf.

19. Back swing – the motion involving the club and every element of the body in taking the club away from the ball then setting it in position at the top of the back swing from where the club can be delivered to the ball at the point of impact.

20. Explosion shot – technique used by a golfer to hit the ball out of a sand trap.playing golf 2

21. Boundaries – markers along the fairways used to indicate the field of play.

22. Rhythm – coordination of movement during the putting stroke or golf swing.

23. Round Robin – a tournament in which players or teams play against other teams, the winner is the team or player that is accumulating the highest number of points.

24. Sky – a high shot as a result of the club head striking the underside of the ball.

25. Club house – a building at the golf course where players go for refreshments.

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